Series 2 Episode 7

An absolute stormer this one.

London football in all its messy glory with the history of rivalries covered by long term observer of fan culture, behaviour, and fashions, author, publisher Cass Pennant whilst the geography of London support was ably handled by Professor of Geography at Queen Mary University, Miles Ogborn. We answered key questions such as why Charlton can’t find a London team to hate them and who are QPRs main enemies now? We got the bottom of why there are Arsenal fans in Walworth and Chelsea ones in Carshalton.

On top of this Thomas Dunn and Carl Spencer of Lambeth College Performing Arts read three pieces –Voices from the Orient- by Matt Haynes of Smoke Magazine. We even had time for a bit of psychogeography and discussed contentious issue such as whether football is a South London invention and can you really smell the Essex coast from the Boleyn Ground?

It was very very proper. Thanks to all our guests and participants.

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