Series 2 Episode 6

So this is our games edition. We tried to get a balance of guests in: One geezer, Daniel Tatarsky (@danieltatarsky) was (and probably still is) a fountain of knowledge on Subbuteo and we’re led to believe an awful lot more as well (keep listening to the shows for more from him in further editions, we hope); Another geezer, Stoo Cambridge (@stoocambridge) knew a lot about the 90’s football gaming phenomenon Sensible Soccer. That’s because he helped make it, so he should really.

We also spoke to Michael Regan of about their online interactive live fantasy football game. It’s the future!

All in all there was enough in there to span the generations of football gaming from the tabletop to the desktop so we hope there’s something in this one for fans of all ages.

Chris Roberts brought us another Masterclass and I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the free roaming Ginola-esque genius of David Stubbs. No-one’s sure exactly what he does but he does it well. And before you ask what exactly it is that Chris Dixon does well none of this happens without him! NONE OF IT. So say thanks.


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