Series 2 Episode 12

So this was to be the last of the current series. It’s been another great series and to finish off this one, we brought co-author of Football’s Comic Book Heroes Robert Frankland back into Resonance FM to discuss footballing collectibles and ephemera with all of us. We had quite a good time doing so too. Why do so many of us collect and hoard programs, pin badges, sods of turf, scarves and god knows what else? What meaning do these objects really hold to anyone other than ourselves? What separates the collectible from the ephemeral? What might be unique and what’s the difference between that and something bizarre and worthless?

We also spoke with Dave Davies of, a professional sports memorabilia traders around roughly the same kind of topic, that being our theme of course.

Chris Roberts brought us another of his masterclasses, Mannerism, and David Stubbs gives us an insight into the mind of a man frightened to the very primal and formative core of his soul by the idea of collecting anything.


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