Series 2 Episode 10

Women’s football (not Women in Football, that’s a whole different show).

So, as you all know by now we do so hate to be topical here on CC, but the Women’s Super League kicked off this week and it just so happens that our show chimes with this event. It’s pure coincidence we assure you. Serendipitous, if you will.

So what better way to spend a show then but to trace the history of the women’s game. How have we gotten to be where we are now with the long overdue launch of the WSL?  And may this hopefully lead to it being taken more seriously and consumed with the interest it deserves?

We spoke to Barbara Jacobs, author of The Dick Kerr’s Ladies to illustrate the events and injustices of the past and highlight the hopes for the future of the women’s game.

We spoke to Emma Barnes, Women’s And Girls Football Development Officer at the London FA about her role and the how the game is becoming ever more popular amongst females, and to make sure there was an appropriate balance of sexes and to ensure a non-sexist agenda we brought in Paul Palmer, manager of the Millwall Lionesses reserve team to ask him to highlight some of the differences in the women’s game from, well, a manger’s perspective!


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