Series 1 Episode 9

So here we have our, as the title suggests, ninth Edition.

Our theme is ‘The British Footballing Media’ and we welcomed, by telephone, Ken Early, Co-Presenter of the ‘Off The Ball’ show for Newstalk in Dublin. He joined the usual suspects of David Stubbs and Chris Roberts in the studio and we also have an interview with Rob Freeman, writer for and board member for Ipswich Town First –  Ipswich’s Independent Supporter’s Trust to talk to us about this:

Yes, it’s The Case Of The Portsmouth Landlady, Karen Murphy and It’s been frying my brain all week trying to get my head round it.

Rob was guiding me through the general points of it, and a rather good job he did too!

Anyway, David and Chris bought us their usual pieces, and I tried to hold it all together whilst the surrounding merriment outside the studio bought us a ceaseless barrage of pops, bangs and cracks as Guy Fawkes night unleashed itself in full.

Enjoy the result!


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