Series 1 Episode 8

Right then ladies and gents, apologies for the lack of preview but hell, we were working far too hard on delivering this rather frightful piece of radiophonic entertainment (frightful in terms of subject matter rather than quality, of course) in time for 9PM Friday!

We have for you, as is befitting this time of year, an hour, well, 20 minutes of ghoulish and ghostly tales (which features highlights of our Highbury seance), a wonderful meandering discussion around the superstitions of players and fans alike and a rounded critique of potential supernatural influences in the game from the rationalist stylings of The Killjoy David Stubbs.

We’ll be following this up later with the full audio of our ‘Football’s Most Haunted:Voices Of The Gooner Dead’ a little later on.

Stand by for a real scare!

And don’t forget, not only do we hold back from saying ‘don’t try this at home’, we actively encourage that you do!


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