Series 1 Episode 11

In this edition we welcomed back author, journalist and Leeds Boy Anthony Clavane for a second appearance in the starting line-up, and he was joined on the phone by writer and Chelsea Fan Ivor Baddiel.

We debated the issues that we still have to deal with in football as regarding racism, and we looked in more specific detail as to why anti-semitic attitudes in football have seemed not to have been tackled in the same way.

Why is it acceptable to refer to Tottenham as ‘The Yids’ (a racial slur in any other context)? Why is it that making monkey chants at black players is something you now longer hear in stands in Britain (thankfully), yet chanting anti-semitic songs and, for example, making hissing noises to ape the sound of a gas chamber is left mostly unchallenged?

We also spoke to Danny Lynch of to have a chat about how that campaign has fared since its inception in ’93 and some of the work it still has to do to make sure racist behaviour in and around football stadia and society as a whole does not ‘recrudesce’ (thank you David Stubbs).

There was more top copy from the aforementioned David Stubbs, and Chris Roberts brought us the last but one of our now famous Galacticos.


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