Season 6 – Episode 8: Football Into The Future Feat. Us

We like making these shows, and this edition demonstrates exactly why. There’s just something about siting in a studio and spending an hour talking absolute rubbish with football governing the theme.

No guests for this one, just a subject and your regulars, Chris Dixon, David Stubbs and Chris Roberts let loose with our imaginations. We asked ourselves ‘what WILL football be like in the future’? Our brief to ourselves – pick a light path and a dark path for the future of the only sport in the world bound to outlive humanity itself. So we did.

Needless to say, we get a bit dystopian. From empty stadia, to games beyond the top division just worked out on paper beforehand to save going to the bother of playing, taking in superhuman ex-footballing legend DNA hybrid monsters and other apocalyptic fantasies in-between, we revelled in painting as dark a picture as we could!

Do please enjoy!