Season 6 – Episode 6: What Would Make You Leave Your Club? Feat. Nigel Wearing

It’s not all together usual that we cover a topic that Every Man Jack elsewhere has been all over like some kind of measles epidemic, but we couldn’t resist this one. It’s not all together usual that the worlds of football and politics overlap so overtly so we had to give it a visit even if we cover something that dates almost immediately. It’s the Resonance way.

For those of you unsure what went on, Sunderland AFC employed a gentleman with a history of political views that ‘polarise opinion’, yes, that’s a good euphemism. The Polarisation though, has occurred along partisan political lines…

…but of whether or not it even matters that a man that gave fascist salutes, ran with with Ultras with a reputation for extreme right wing politics and has not openly denounced beliefs widely considered as being beyond an affront to many on Wearside, if he can keep the club employing him in the Premier League. Some have stood up against the appointment in principle, and that’s what we discuss here; what would your club have to do to ensure you go on hiatus from turning up of a Saturday afternoon?

One thing we *will* say is that the board at Sunderland needed to be sure about the issues surrounding this appointment before they went ahead and made it. If only they’d ahev researched here first:…paulo-di-canio/

No David Stubbs this week, and so Nigel Wearing of @PalaceRadio deputises, with Chris Roberts @OneEyeGrey on the phone from sunny Penarth.

Chris Dixon holds it together and probably sits on the fence.