Season 6 – Episode 5: All About Yer PSG Feat. Jonathan Johnson

French football is something we’ve hardly touched on in over two and a half years of making this show, so that’s rather an omission. Mind you, we’ve not looked at the culture or impact of the game on the Northern Mariana Islands either, so there you go.

Anyway, to redress this we’ve chosen to focus on one club that we haven’t quite been able to fathom out; Paris St Germain. Firstly, why doesn’t it have any local rivals? Second, it has had it’s two main fan factions broken up and redistributed to prevent serious crowd trouble and, with big money coming in from QSI, is this a club that has started to lose its soul?

We ask this (and a good deal more) of our guest Freelance French football journalist, and contributor to Andrew Gibney’s excellent podcast, Jonathan Johnson. He’s someone that has seen a good deal of changes in the 10 years he has been attending games at the Parc Des Princes so knows a thing or two, so, an expert to you or I. He was very patient putting up with our ignorant stabs in the dark, certainly!

We also discussed the cult (or otherwise) of the french fan’s banner and explored Barnes Common as part of Chris Roberts ongoing feature on London’s psycho-geographical football travels.

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