Season 6 – Episode 4: FSF Special Feat. Amanda Jacks and Michael Brunskill

So then, two podcasts for you today, and this is our first. In this show, two interviews form members of the FSF. One, an update from Amanda Jacks (who featured a few weeks previously), on the situation on West Yorkshire Police’s seemingly overzealous restrictions on Hull fans Travelling to Huddersfield for their Easter weekend clash.

And second, a chat with
, Communications Director at said organisation. The subject? The ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign, lobbying clubs

to put a blanket price cap of £20 for away fans travelling to see any Premier League game.

In-between these two segments, Chris Roberts, David Stubbs and Chris Dixon make their usual noise for your entertainment.

Want more details?

Try here:…y-for-away-tickets/

Also, later in the series we’re going to be bringing Amanda back onto the show to answer YOUR questions. If you have had any situation where you’ve been caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, minding your own business at the football, and want help and/or advice, let us know.
@cafecalcio or @FSF_FairCop on twitter

or with your questions to us/Amanda!