Season 6 – Episode 2: Fan Rights and Activism Feat. Amanda Jacks and Rick Everitt

In this podcast, The Football Supporters Federation’s very own Amanda Jacks takes us though her line of work advocating and protecting the rights of football fans, and gives us a few examples of how her work is moving forward.

Also, we have a look at what fans can achieve when they set their mind to it. There are many cases we could have looked at to examine fan activism, and I dare say we will touch on the specific campaigns of other clubs and other movements for change in football in future. But one thing we haven’t really done to anywhere near enough of a degree, being a show based on a community station in South London, is cover Charlton Athletic. A little over 20 years ago CAFC stepped ‘Back To The Valley’ from the alien environs of South Norwood after a battle to reconnect the club with its home turf, having been forced to play ‘home’ games at Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park for the seven years previous.

We spoke to one of the architects of the project, Rick Everitt, about ins and outs of the campaign that forced Greenwich council to acknowledge the voice of local fans, and some of the machinations that reunited club and ground back in SE7.

Chris Roberts looks at West Ham’s Boleyn Ground in this weeks Psycho-geographical Tour Of London Grounds, and David Stubbs rants about that Rafa Benitez rant that wasn’t really a rant.

Chris Dixon, I believe, was in the room at some point although we’re not sure why…

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