Season 5 – Episode 7: Policing, Stewarding, Safety Feat. Pr. Clifford Stott and Amanda Jacks

This is an absolute stormer. We’ve said it before about certain shows (frankly all of them are great) but this one we especially enjoyed, if for no other reason than the unbridled pleasure of listening to a world renowned expert in a field come in to Resonance and talk their books.
Pr. Clifford Stott ( is an expert in crowd management and safety and is constantly lobbying for crowds in and around games to be handled, let’s say differently, by the authorities.
Amanda jacks ( is a caseworker for the brilliant Football Supporters Federation and deals with fan representation when they feel unjustly ‘handled’, and doing her best to make sure that football fans know their rights when attending games. The content of this one is pretty good, even if some questions we’d like to ask later have certainly come out of it!

Chris Robert’s Street Pharmacists Guide brings you Laudanum. Get it down you (and maybe your kids as well).