Season 5 – Episode 2: The Transfer Window feat. Scott Murray

Football has a number of oddities. The added time Man Utd seem to get when they are losing at home being one.

As I write this can I think of any more examples to justify that statement further? No, of course not. Why would I want to recall anything that might dilute the above observation? But so what – just because I have no idea WHAT I’m going on about does that mean you won’t be listening to this edition of Cafe Calcio? Of course it doesn’t. And if you’re a Man U fan you’re probably doing enough futile boycotting in any case so crack on and click play.

Anyway, the other ‘oddity’ we deem pertinent to this blurb is the transfer window, and that’s because it’s the subject matter of this edition.

We brought in The Guardian’s Scott Murray, one of the team behind the wonderful Minute By Minute live online commentaries.

Check him out here: