Season 4 – Episode 8: Literature in Football Feat. Dan Freedman And Pat Ryan

In this edition we explore the relationship between football, fiction and storytelling. We welcome author and broadcaster Dan Freedman to talk to us about his series of books about a boy with a dream much like any of us lads and lasses have had; to grow up into a pro-footballer. We talk about the narratives of the stories and the social context of the books themselves.

We also welcomed Pat Ryan, a storyteller whose job it is to train football club staff (players, coaches, study support centre teachers, and apprentices etc) to tell and read aloud stories to children.

Chris Roberts draws together similarities to Ghost Dancing and Portsmouth’s 09/10 squad.

David Stubbs isn’t happy. Again. This time it’s the sheer number of red cards being dished out that has not just *got* his goat, but *taken* it, videoed it in a compromising position with Sepp Blatter and attempted to then ransom the poor Billy back to him.

Chris Dixon is what Chris Dixon does.