Season 4 – Episode 5: Deutches Fussball Zwei Mit Rafael Honigstein Und Uli Hesse

Right, so I’ll pretend like we knew we wouldn’t have a show this week and claim that THIS is the reason why we’ve held back with last weeks show – although that’s not really true. It’s just been a busy week, as per.

Anyway, as you can see from the title, Rafa Honigstein joined us over the phone all the way from… London, and Uli Hesse brought some authenticity to proceedings by actually being in Germany when we spoke to him.

In all too brief summary, we quizzed Rafa on those rivalries that Germany actually considers genuine other than say, England. And asked Uli about the consequences that reunification had on the game’s structure. It just so happens that he also had a unique take on Chris Roberts’ Football Dance Masterclass, which in this edition was The Pogo, and so interesting was he that we just clean forgot David Stubbs’ weekly musings and just hurried to a close so forgive us a lack of play out music – we used every second we had talking!