Coming Up On Tonight’s Café Calcio.

Right then, we’ve covered disillusion with the game from a genuine fan’s perspective in our Against Modern Football edition, but almost a year later, what of those who really couldn’t stand it/regard it with indifference anyway? What of their reasons?

Tonight at 7pm on Resonance 104.4 fm we talk to a couple of people whose opinions on the game comes from two entirely separate places, but amount to a similar thing. Indifference.

We’ll be chatting to Emily Dicks, who grew up in Highbury surrounded by all things Arsenal. She had no choice but to live and breathe that familiar fusion of horse dung and fried onions on all too regular an occasion and, let’s face it, she’s not likely to eulogise about the area and the club in quite the same way as Nick Hornby does in Fever Pitch.

Well, we hope not else there was no point in dragging her in!

And also we speak to Maltese Graphic Designer Mark Debono, whose short and simple blog 5 Reasons Why I Hate Football was concise and critical enough to warrant further investigation! We’d best not get him started on wags (alright, we might do anyway).

No David Stubbs tonight; he’s on ‘international duty’, but Chris Roberts returns to the starting line-up with another fine Street Pharmacists guide.

Chris Dixon pulls strings and presses buttons (albeit the wrong ones occasionally), as per.

If you’d like to get involved tonight, please do so – we’re definitely looking for your opinions tonight. Tweet @cafecalcio with your 140 characters as to why exactly football is so awful. Anything goes!



One thought on “Coming Up On Tonight’s Café Calcio.

  1. ‘bit late for getting on the anti-Barca bandwagon boys. I believe that particular sharabang left town sometime ago.And are you really trying to tell me the Evertonian didn’t "raise a glass to the Barca crest" when they did Man U 4-1 at Wembley?Hoping to see South London’s Barca against the East Midland’s Real next week, You Rams!

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