Series 2 Episode 12

So this was to be the last of the current series. It’s been another great series and to finish off this one, we brought co-author of Football’s Comic Book Heroes Robert Frankland back into Resonance FM to discuss footballing collectibles and ephemera with all of us. We had quite a good time doing so too. Why do […]

Series 2 Episode 11

So this is possibly the most fun we’ve had in a radio studio for a long, long time! Cafe Calcio welcomed Andrew, Vanessa and Richie of Elfrida FC, the learning difficulties football club attached to , they were accompanied by their manager Johnny Brown and we had a thoroughly good chinwag! We asked them about the […]

Series 2 Episode 10

Women’s football (not Women in Football, that’s a whole different show). So, as you all know by now we do so hate to be topical here on CC, but the Women’s Super League kicked off this week and it just so happens that our show chimes with this event. It’s pure coincidence we assure you. […]

Series 2 Episode 9

Rather good episode this one! Cafe Calcio brings you a perspective of the inner workings of Non-league football from the horse’s mouths, so to speak. In the studio we welcomed Roger Slater, former secretary of Wealdstone FC and over the phone Gordon Bartlett, manager of the very same Ryman Premier outfit. They’ve written a book, ‘Off […]

Series 2 Episode 8

So… …Football And The Mind. This episode we had no studio guests, just David Stubbs, Chris Roberts and Chris Dixon talking about Football in relation to the tricks it can play on the mind of fans and players alike. David and Chris R have written books about this stuff, so they are the experts and […]

Series 2 Episode 7

An absolute stormer this one. London football in all its messy glory with the history of rivalries covered by long term observer of fan culture, behaviour, and fashions, author, publisher Cass Pennant whilst the geography of London support was ably handled by Professor of Geography at Queen Mary University, Miles Ogborn. We answered key questions such as why Charlton […]

Series 2 Episode 6

So this is our games edition. We tried to get a balance of guests in: One geezer, Daniel Tatarsky (@danieltatarsky) was (and probably still is) a fountain of knowledge on Subbuteo and we’re led to believe an awful lot more as well (keep listening to the shows for more from him in further editions, we hope); […]

Series 2 Episode 5

In this episode we had Sean Griffiths (and his daughter Lily) joining us in the studio to discuss stadium architecture past and present. We also had an interview with Roger Sedgely of architects focussing on their hand in the development of Dartford FC’s Princes Park: the first sustainable and eco-priendly stadium in the UK. Chris Roberts […]

Series 2 Episode 4

So here we have it: the latest podcast in the second series. This one is a little mad but hey, embrace the chaos. This weeks podcast features not only Robert Frankland, co-author of Football’s Comic Book Heroes, David Stubbs and Chris Roberts renowned Football Art Masterclass (which this week features Stuckism) but also all the […]

Series 2 Episode 3

Should supporters have the right to stand? Many argue they should and one such body that espouse the pro camp are the Football Supporters Federation. Joining us on this podcast is Steve Powell, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Football Supporters Federation. Alongside are our regular presenters Chris Roberts, David Stubbs and Chris Dixon, […]