Series 1 Episode 11

In this edition we welcomed back author, journalist and Leeds Boy Anthony Clavane for a second appearance in the starting line-up, and he was joined on the phone by writer and Chelsea Fan Ivor Baddiel. We debated the issues that we still have to deal with in football as regarding racism, and we looked in […]

Series 1 Episode 10

We managed to get Professor Stefan Szymanski of City University, author and sports economist to come and say hello, and if that were not enough acumen for one night we also pulled of somewhat of a coup to get Steve Parish, CEO for Tag Worldwide and co-owner of Crystal Palace Football Club through the gates and into the studio […]

Series 1 Episode 9

So here we have our, as the title suggests, ninth Edition. Our theme is ‘The British Footballing Media’ and we welcomed, by telephone, Ken Early, Co-Presenter of the ‘Off The Ball’ show for Newstalk in Dublin. He joined the usual suspects of David Stubbs and Chris Roberts in the studio and we also have an interview […]

Series 1 Episode 8

Right then ladies and gents, apologies for the lack of preview but hell, we were working far too hard on delivering this rather frightful piece of radiophonic entertainment (frightful in terms of subject matter rather than quality, of course) in time for 9PM Friday! We have for you, as is befitting this time of year, […]

Series 1 Episode 7

We welcomed John McCarthy blogger and creator of to talk about this weeks chosen theme, gamesmanship. Chris Roberts brought us the latest Galactico (as detailed in the post below) which seemed, somehow, to segue nicely into an exploration of the links between the origins of the game and onanism. We spoke to Mike McNamee, Professor of […]

Series 1 Episode 6

So, last Friday we returned to our usual live studio action for a Clubs In Crisis special. We welcomed Tom Davies who pens The Sharp End column for When Saturday Comes and Scott Murray, Author and sports writer for The Guardian to the studio in an attempt to nail down exactly why so many football […]

Series 1 Episode 5

In this edition we welcome Darren Smith, who we booked for his knowledge as a Football Developement Officer and then he just so happened to be the rather experienced coach and manager of too. AC Paulista are the FA’s ‘flagship grassroots football club’, so Darren definitely knows what he’s talking about! We also interviewed Chris Evans, […]

Series 1 Episode 4

You can talk about barely scratching the surface with this one, but we hope we managed to squeeze enough in to this to justify its Latin American Special tagline. It seems there will be many more to come! We speak to Evertonian John Shearon of about their exchanges with other Evertons in South America, we chat […]

Series 1 Episode 3

In this edition we bring you Kris Stewart, founding chairman of AFC Wimbledon, Chris Taylor, writer, blogger and fan of FC United, there’s a wonderful piece from Stubbsy (sorry David) on his guilt with following ‘overdogs’ Arsenal and we get the third of our Galacticos courtesy of erm… Robertsy (sorry Chris). These training ground nicknames […]