Season 5 – Episode 7: Policing, Stewarding, Safety Feat. Pr. Clifford Stott and Amanda Jacks

This is an absolute stormer. We’ve said it before about certain shows (frankly all of them are great) but this one we especially enjoyed, if for no other reason than the unbridled pleasure of listening to a world renowned expert in a field come in to Resonance and talk their books. Pr. Clifford Stott ( […]

Season 5 – Episode 6: Malaysia, Money, Passion, Fire and Cardiff City

Three interviews examining the fervour of support in the Far East, and the impact of foreign money from the perspective of the investor, and the fan. Case in point? Although there are many, we chose Cardiff City, a side with recent club-saving investment that does seem somewhat to have come at quite a price to […]

Season 5 – Episode 4: Football Italia Due feat. Simon Martin and John Foot

We’ve had these two on before you know, and it was quite good then, and this edtion was even better. We invited back Simon Martin, author of the award winning Sport Italia, and John Foot author of Calcio to discuss the myriad scandals that have rocked the game in Italy again and again, […]

Season 5 – Episode 2: The Transfer Window feat. Scott Murray

Football has a number of oddities. The added time Man Utd seem to get when they are losing at home being one. As I write this can I think of any more examples to justify that statement further? No, of course not. Why would I want to recall anything that might dilute the above observation? […]