Season 4 – Episode 9: Football, Racism, Patriotism And Identity Feat. Paul Ricketts

This is a show containing a subject we had been looking to dip into for some time. We tried to examine the relationship between the children of migrants and the “mother country” specifically through their attachment, or not, to England and their local team. We had comedian Paul in the studio relating his […]

Season 4 – Episode 7: Footy Glossies Feat Jonathan Wilson, Matt Read and Deano Standing

In this episode we talk about two markedly different football publications; independent quarterly Blizzard and teenage footy mag, Match. To take us through what these are and what they mean we speak to one of the main brains behind Jonathan Wilson (@jonawils) – a man who’s football knowledge is frankly, at times, frightening and […]

Season 4 – Episode 6: Feat. David Hartrick 50 Teams That Mattered

So in this episode we talk to David Hartrick. For those of you who don’t know, he’s one of the trio behind and he came on to talk about his brand new, spanking, shiny book 50 Teams That Mattered. In the show we obviously talk about the book, its genesis, realisation and editorial concerns. […]

Season 4 – Episode 3: The Celtic Fringe Feat. Ian Gwyn Hughes And Daniel Grey

This week’s podcast features Ian Gwyn Hughes, head of public affairs at The Football Association of Wales, BBC Wales Football editor and commentator and Daniel Gray, author of Stramash: Tackling Scotland’s Towns and Teams. David Stubbs tells us all the real truth about Lionel Messi, Chris Roberts links Morris dancing with Catenaccio and Chris Dixon […]