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Sep. 2011 13

Series 3 Episode 2

Now, football stateside has been there forever but why, WHY hasn’t it been as successful there and grown in the same way and to the same extent that it has in most of the rest of the world?*

What’s now going right with the MLS that wasn’t before for the NASL? Why on earth can’t they do things properly with all that league structure stuff we take for granted?*

We asked these questions and more of Martin Palazzotto, head honcho at worldfootballcolumns.com and one half of the creative force behind the fabulouswww.manandball.com (with the equally fabulous @JudeEllery)

Also, there’s been some rather impressive fan displays going on up in the North West corner of the US with the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders.

We invited Timbers fanatic, author of The Renegade Sportsman Zach Dundas to give us a little about the history of these two teams and the rivalry that has been built between these two cities and what chance of such passionate soccer fandom spreading to the rest of the league.

Visit this site and buy his book. Buy it. It looks good. He’s not given us a free copy so this is not some empty suggestion bought by bribery (although if you are ever to read this Zach feel free to ask us for our address).

Also we feature the second part of our coverage of Wealdstone FC as part of our look at non-league day. We sent David Stubbs over to St George’s Stadium, Grosvenor Vale, Ruislip, to go and check out the sights and sounds of a non-league match day.

Check them out here: http://wealdstone-fc.com/

Now, we know there’s so much we didn’t cover, but fear not, this is bound to be a topic that we re-visit in the future.



Sep. 2011 5

Series 3 Episode 1

We invited freelance journalist, Norwich fan and all round football fanatic Juliet Jacques, best known for penning her male-to-female gender reassignment journey (http://bit.ly/dE47It ) and playwright and Arsenal fan Troy Fairclough, who wrote Justin Fashanu In Extra Time ( http://bit.ly/mTp5Xm ) to come and talk to us about homophobia in British football. Why is football so different to other sports in it’s attitude to homosexuality? Why is it so far behind? What needs to change culturally? Can and will attitudes ever change?

We also had the first part of a little feature we are doing on Wealdstone FC with regards tohttp://www.nonleagueday.co.uk/ .

We spoke to past guest Roger Slater about what makes a club like his an attractive proposition to potential fans and what an initiative like Non-League Day can do for fans and clubs lower down the league structure. Look out for a match report from their fixture in next week’s show form David Stubbs.

This first show in the series also saw the full debut of Tacticus courtesy of Chris Roberts. Tacticus will be bringing us observations of British football culture from the perspective of a sports journo from Roman times. What else?!


May. 2011 8

Series 2 Episode 12

So this was to be the last of the current series. It’s been another great series and to finish off this one, we brought co-author of Football’s Comic Book Heroes Robert Frankland back into Resonance FM to discuss footballing collectibles and ephemera with all of us. We had quite a good time doing so too. Why do so many of us collect and hoard programs, pin badges, sods of turf, scarves and god knows what else? What meaning do these objects really hold to anyone other than ourselves? What separates the collectible from the ephemeral? What might be unique and what’s the difference between that and something bizarre and worthless?

We also spoke with Dave Davies of http://www.soccerbid.co.uk, a professional sports memorabilia traders around roughly the same kind of topic, that being our theme of course.

Chris Roberts brought us another of his masterclasses, Mannerism, and David Stubbs gives us an insight into the mind of a man frightened to the very primal and formative core of his soul by the idea of collecting anything.


Apr. 2011 30

Series 2 Episode 11

So this is possibly the most fun we’ve had in a radio studio for a long, long time! Cafe Calcio welcomed Andrew, Vanessa and Richie of Elfrida FC, the learning difficulties football club attached to http://www.elfrida.com/ , they were accompanied by their manager Johnny Brown and we had a thoroughly good chinwag!

We asked them about the format of the games they play and the league they’re in, who their rivals, their heroes and their inspirations are, what they get out of having the chance to play the game they love and perhaps, more importantly, where they might be without it.

Also, we talked to Fan Of The Year of Crystal Palace FC, Sam Birch about some of his experiences following his team across not just the country, but the world in his wheelchair.

Chris Robert’s masterclass this week was Pop Art.



Apr. 2011 17

Series 2 Episode 10

Women’s football (not Women in Football, that’s a whole different show).

So, as you all know by now we do so hate to be topical here on CC, but the Women’s Super League kicked off this week and it just so happens that our show chimes with this event. It’s pure coincidence we assure you. Serendipitous, if you will.

So what better way to spend a show then but to trace the history of the women’s game. How have we gotten to be where we are now with the long overdue launch of the WSL?  And may this hopefully lead to it being taken more seriously and consumed with the interest it deserves?

We spoke to Barbara Jacobs, author of The Dick Kerr’s Ladies to illustrate the events and injustices of the past and highlight the hopes for the future of the women’s game.

We spoke to Emma Barnes, Women’s And Girls Football Development Officer at the London FA about her role and the how the game is becoming ever more popular amongst females, and to make sure there was an appropriate balance of sexes and to ensure a non-sexist agenda we brought in Paul Palmer, manager of the Millwall Lionesses reserve team to ask him to highlight some of the differences in the women’s game from, well, a manger’s perspective!


Apr. 2011 8

Series 2 Episode 9

Rather good episode this one!

Cafe Calcio brings you a perspective of the inner workings of Non-league football from the horse’s mouths, so to speak. In the studio we welcomed Roger Slater, former secretary of Wealdstone FC and over the phone Gordon Bartlett, manager of the very same Ryman Premier outfit.

They’ve written a book, ‘Off The Bench’ about their experiences of football at the true grassroots level, which can be found here: www.wfcmegastore.co.uk we won’t sell it too hard here, there’s enough of that in the podcast! Needless to say we have copies and we glad we do. It’s a darned good read.

Buy yours now!

If you’d like further information on how to purchase the book or for all other enquiries contact roge.s@btinternet.com


Apr. 2011 3

Series 2 Episode 8


…Football And The Mind.

This episode we had no studio guests, just David Stubbs, Chris Roberts and Chris Dixon talking about Football in relation to the tricks it can play on the mind of fans and players alike.

David and Chris R have written books about this stuff, so they are the experts and hence the lack of need for further expert guests. I mean, we COULD have got some in, but what a waste of the resources we already had available!

We did in fact have an interview with Dr Iain Greenlees of the University of Chichester. He spoke to us about the importance of sports psychology doctrine in sport in general, and then looked a little at some of his research on penalties and the colour red.


Mar. 2011 27

Series 2 Episode 7

An absolute stormer this one.

London football in all its messy glory with the history of rivalries covered by long term observer of fan culture, behaviour, and fashions, author, publisher Cass Pennant whilst the geography of London support was ably handled by Professor of Geography at Queen Mary University, Miles Ogborn. We answered key questions such as why Charlton can’t find a London team to hate them and who are QPRs main enemies now? We got the bottom of why there are Arsenal fans in Walworth and Chelsea ones in Carshalton.

On top of this Thomas Dunn and Carl Spencer of Lambeth College Performing Arts read three pieces –Voices from the Orient- by Matt Haynes of Smoke Magazine. We even had time for a bit of psychogeography and discussed contentious issue such as whether football is a South London invention and can you really smell the Essex coast from the Boleyn Ground?

It was very very proper. Thanks to all our guests and participants.

Top Boys TV and Cass Pennant Official website



Mar. 2011 12

Series 2 Episode 6

So this is our games edition. We tried to get a balance of guests in: One geezer, Daniel Tatarsky (@danieltatarsky) was (and probably still is) a fountain of knowledge on Subbuteo and we’re led to believe an awful lot more as well (keep listening to the shows for more from him in further editions, we hope); Another geezer, Stoo Cambridge (@stoocambridge) knew a lot about the 90’s football gaming phenomenon Sensible Soccer. That’s because he helped make it, so he should really.

We also spoke to Michael Regan of www.picklive.com about their online interactive live fantasy football game. It’s the future!

All in all there was enough in there to span the generations of football gaming from the tabletop to the desktop so we hope there’s something in this one for fans of all ages.

Chris Roberts brought us another Masterclass and I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the free roaming Ginola-esque genius of David Stubbs. No-one’s sure exactly what he does but he does it well. And before you ask what exactly it is that Chris Dixon does well none of this happens without him! NONE OF IT. So say thanks.


Mar. 2011 5

Series 2 Episode 5

In this episode we had Sean Griffiths (and his daughter Lily) joining us in the studio to discuss stadium architecture past and present. We also had an interview with Roger Sedgely of architects http://www.alexander-sedgley.co.uk/ focussing on their hand in the development of Dartford FC’s Princes Park: the first sustainable and eco-priendly stadium in the UK.

Chris Roberts gave his latest masterclass on Futurism.

Lily came into her own when drawing the winner of our competition to win a Paul Trevillion original.

Thanks to those of you who mentioned your favourite stadia – sorry we couldn’t get through you all!